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 Guillotine Cross Guide

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Ayah Diamon

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PostSubject: Guillotine Cross Guide   Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:08 pm

Hmmm... I'm just gonna share what I've learned from my research regarding the builds of a Gx

[Author's Note : Don't depend too much on the guide, you can always
experiment on your own. And maybe you can create one of the best builds
ever :3]

Okay... Here we go...

What is a Guillotine Cross?

One of the most powerful jobs during sieges is the Assassin Cross. Given the proper
set of equips (such as Megingards), SL buffs(to boost their Sonic Blow
damage) and their skill EDP, the emperium could only last in less than
ten seconds. No other job in RO today could match this. Besides, their
skill cloaking combined with the speed potions made them invincible. I hate it when they do that and attack our castle. How I wish cloaking and speed potions would not stack. It’s like it isn’t enough, Gravity has introduced the Ragnarok Third Job Guillotine Cross.


Things you should know how todo before you ready my example stats guide:
Str should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be a multiple of 10 including your
bonus from job/equips/buffs. So an example would be 120+20 or 115+15.

-Make sure your dex is added before you attribute agi for dual daggers

agi should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be attributed with buffs and
awakening potions so that you only put in ENOUGH FOR YOUR LAST ATK SPD
POINT. An example of this is if I had a Sinx with 120+ 25 from buffs
and equipment and his atk spd is 189 with awakening. Attribute as much
as you want UP TO that attack speed point! So if I wanted 191 I'd
slowly add until I get 191 attack spd.

Remember that usually 6 agi -> atk spd point and 20 dex -> atk spd point.


Emp breaker build is 120 str, 120 agi, rest is dex and vit

You want a SinX build that can emp break.

11x str
11x agi
50+ dex
80-100 vit

bapho horns, dex valk, atk valk [leaf cat in dex, gemini in atk]
valk armor [ed, marc], fire armor (marc)
VVVS CK or VVS elemental CK, +10 desert wind (people)
+10 mes, +10 desert wind (emp)
valk shield [thara]
wool scarf [marse]
+9 tidal shoes [firelock soldier]
ceb [mantis/kukre]
ceb [mantis/kukre]
ceb [errende ebecee]

You can also try

Paper +7-10 infiltrator [1]
Raydric/noxious wool scarf
superior tidals
2 renown archer gloves / cebs with kobold and or kukre / atk helm - > vanberk - DWE -> vanberk
valk armor -> marc
*Or kayo na bahala kung ano type niyo Hehe!

Always swap to your 50% demi human redux gear set when you aren't attacking someone or something

180-190 aspd with buffs, food(If meron), and etc.

box of gloom
box of resentment
awakening pot
authoritive badge
cold resist pot

Use str, dex, vit, and agi food
Use all +10, but u can use what u can afford and switch the cards according to your stock

enter precast with a fire armor and swap to your marc afterwards. Use edp on emp and on people

really no "emp breaking sinx" .Emp breaking is just one of their jobs. Saying emp breaker sinx is like saying buffer priest or killer high

*Note: If you get the right equips and additional buffs you might be able to break the emperium in around 7-20 seconds. According to this player:

Quote :
my best timing with mes was:
+10 Mes[ 3 Abysmal Knight ] + 10 dwind[2 demonrings and 2 orc skellet]

With Ice pick the combination chances: (Meron ba nito sa asRO? xD)

Ice Pick [ Abysmal Knight] + 10 dwind [ Abysmal Knight Card Orc Skeleton Card Orc Skeleton Card Demonring Card]

Thats how i get my best times


Apparently you can experiment with the equipments in this part, you can use Valkyrie or Diablos set to become IMBA?

+9/+10Naght Sieger Pheeroni
+8-9 Valkyrie Armor/+8-9 Diabolus Armor Tao Gunka
+8-9 Valkyrie Garment ~
and so on~
ceb [mantis/kukre]
ceb [mantis/kukre]
ceb [errende ebecee]

But most suggested builds are this:

11* Str
9* Agi
10* dex
Rest is vit if you want


11* Str
90 Agi
120 Dex
Rest Vit

I fully recommend a Gx to be a dual damage if he/she wants to be a pure killer


Venom Impress
Prereq: Enchant Poison 3
Type: Active / Debuff
Desc: Weakens a targets resistance to poison element attacks.
[Level 1] : Poison Resistance - 10%
[Level 2] : Poison Resistance - 20%
[Level 3] : Poison Resistance - 30%
[Level 4] : Poison Resistance - 40%
[Level 5] : Poison Resistance - 50%

Cross Impact
Prereq: Sonic Blow 10
Type: Active / Damage
Desc: Strikes a single target rapidly for 7 hits. Range 3 cells.
[Level 1] : Damage 1200%
[Level 2] : Damage 1250%
[Level 3] : Damage 1300%
[Level 4] : Damage 1250%
[Level 5] : Damage 1400%

Dark Illusion
Prereq: Cross Impact 3
Type: Active / Damage - Special
Desc: Rapidly closes the distance to a target and deals damage. Has a low chance to trigger Cross Impact.
[Level 1] : Damage 100% / Max Range 3 Cells
[Level 2] : Damage 100% / Max Range 4 Cells
[Level 3] : Damage 100% / Max Range 5 Cells
[Level 4] : Damage 100% / Max Range 6 Cells
[Level 5] : Damage 100% / Max Range 7 Cells

Research Poison
Prereq: None (Basic Guillotine Cross Skill)
Type: Passive
Desc: Allows creation of new poisons. Higher levels of the skills
unlocks new types of poisons and increases the probability of success.
It is necessary to have medicine bottle and a poison creation kit.
[Level 1] : Success Rate 35% / Paralize - Ingredients: 20 Poison Toad Skin, 1 Amoena
[Level 2] : Success Rate 40% / Pyrexia - Ingredients: 20 Anolian Skin, 1 Lantana
[Level 3] : Success Rate 45% / Disheart - Ingredients: 10 Decayed Nail, 1 Celatom
[Level 4] : Success Rate 50% / Leechend - Ingredients: 1 Scoforia, 1 Nerium
[Level 5] : Success Rate 55% / Antidote - Ingredients: 2 Green Herbs, 1 Blue Herb, 1 White Herb
[Level 6] : Success Rate 60% / Venombleed - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Isildor
[Level 7] : Success Rate 65% / Magic Mushroom - Ingredients: 10 Poison Spore, 1 Makulrata
[Level 8] : Success Rate 70% / Toxin - Ingredients: 10 Sticky Poison, 1 Nerium
[Level 9] : Success Rate 75% / Oblivioncurse - Ingredients: 10 Mermaid Heart, 1 Isildor
[Level 10] : Success Rate 80% / -

Create Poison
Prereq: Research New Poison 1
Type: Active
Desc: Creates a new poison. Presents a list of poisons you can make with your current items.

Prereq: Research New Poison 5
Type: Active / Detox
Desc: Using one Antidote, cancels out the effects of a Guillotine Cross Poison on a single target.

Poisoning Weapon
Prereq: Create New Poison 1
Type: Active / Buff
Desc: Coats your weapon with one of the guillotine cross weapons. While
attacking there is a chance to poison the target with the selected
[Level 1] : Poisoning Chance 4% / 60s Duration
[Level 2] : Poisoning Chance 6% / 120s Duration
[Level 3] : Poisoning Chance 8% / 180s Duration
[Level 4] : Poisoning Chance 10% / 240s Duration
[Level 5] : Poisoning Chance 12% / 300s Duration

Weapon Blocking
Prereq: Left Hand Mastery 5
Type: Active Buff
Desc: Has a chance to completely block a short range physical attack.
When an attack is blocked you have a chance to use counter slash or
weapon crush. While its active it continually drains SP. Reusing the
skill cancels the effect.
[Level 1] : Block Chance 12% / 180s Duration
[Level 2] : Block Chance 14% / 180s Duration
[Level 3] : Block Chance 16% / 180s Duration
[Level 4] : Block Chance 18% / 180s Duration
[Level 5] : Block Chance 20% / 180s Duration

Counter Slash
Prereq: Weapon Blocking 1
Type: Active / Buff
Desc: When successfully blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking, you
can counter using Counter Slash. Damages all targets in a 3x3 radius
around the user. The damage is increased by the users AGI.
[Level 1] : 400% Attack Power
[Level 2] : 500% Attack Power
[Level 3] : 600% Attack Power
[Level 4] : 700% Attack Power
[Level 5] : 800% Attack Power

Weapon Crush
Prereq: Weapon Blocking 1
Max Level : 5
Type: Active / Debuff
Desc: When successfully blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking, you
can counter using Weapon Crush. When used it divests the attackers
weapon. Increased skill level increases the success rate and duration.

Venom Pressure
Prereq: Weapon Blocking 1, Poisoning Weapon 3
Type: Active / Buff
Desc: While your weapon is enchanted with Poisoning Weapon there's a
very high chance to inflict the endowed poison on the target. When
used, you lose the poisoning weapon status.
[Level 1] : Poisoning Chance 75% / Hit Rate +14
[Level 2] : Poisoning Chance 80% / Hit Rate +18
[Level 3] : Poisoning Chance 85% / Hit Rate +22
[Level 4] : Poisoning Chance 90% / Hit Rate +26
[Level 5] : Poisoning Chance 95% / Hit Rate +30

Poison Smoke
Prereq: Venom Pressure 5, Poisoning Weapon 5
Type: Active / Buff
Desc: While your weapon is enchanted with Poisoning Weapon, you create
a poisoning cloud in a 5x5 area. Every second there's a 20% chance to
inflict that poison on the target. When used, you lose the poisoning
weapon status. Range 5 cells.
[Level 1] : Duration 6s
[Level 2] : Duration 8s
[Level 3] : Duration 10s
[Level 4] : Duration 12s
[Level 5] : Duration 14s

Cloaking Exceed
Prereq: Cloaking 3
Type: Active / Special
Desc: Unlike regular cloaking it allows hiding from Insect and Demon.
When active it allows you to receive 3 hits without being unhidden.
Skill Level increases the number of hit and movement speed.
[Level 1] : 9 SP per second / Movement Speed 100% / Allows 1 hit
[Level 2] : 8 SP per second / Movement Speed 110% / Allows 1 hit
[Level 3] : 7 SP per second / Movement Speed 120% / Allows 2 hit
[Level 4] : 6 SP per second / Movement Speed 130% / Allows 2 hit
[Level 5] : 5 SP per second / Movement Speed 140% / Allows 3 hit

Phantom Menace
Prereq: Dark Illusion 5, Cloaking Exceed 5
Type: Active / Detecting
Desc: The Guillotine Cross strikes from the shadows to hit all targets
in a 7 x 7 area for 300% damage. Cancels hidden status on all targets
that are hit.

Hallucination Walk
Prereq: Phantom Menace
Type: Active / Buff
Desc: Momentarily increases the users speed to the limit, granting high
evasion rate of physical and magical attacks. Using the skill consumes
HP, and when the skill ends for 25 seconds you receive half movement
speed and half attack speed.
[Level 1] : Evasion Rate + 50 / Magic Damage Evasion 10%
[Level 2] : Evasion Rate + 100 / Magic Damage Evasion 20%
[Level 3] : Evasion Rate + 150 / Magic Damage Evasion 30%
[Level 4] : Evasion Rate + 200 / Magic Damage Evasion 40%
[Level 5] : Evasion Rate + 250 / Magic Damage Evasion 50%

Rolling Cutter
Prereq: Sonic Blow 10
Type: Active / Damage
Desc: Katar Exclusive Skill. Using the katar strikes in a rotation in a
3x3 area around the player striking all enemies in range. Each rotation
increases your rotation counter, which increases the damage of Cross
Ripper Slasher. You can't have more than 10 rotation counters.
[Level 1] : 120% Attack Power
[Level 2] : 140% Attack Power
[Level 3] : 160% Attack Power
[Level 4] : 180% Attack Power
[Level 5] : 200% Attack Power

Cross Ripper Slasher
Prereq: Rolling Cutter 1
Type: Active / Damage
Desc: Consumes the rotation counters accumulated from Rolling Cutter.
The spinning blade is shot out dealing strong damage to a target. The
damage is increased by the number of counters. After using Cross Ripper
Slasher your counters are reset to 0. Range 7 cells.
[Level 1] : Attack Power 200%
[Level 2] : Attack Power 240%
[Level 3] : Attack Power 280%
[Level 4] : Attack Power 320%
[Level 5] : Attack Power 360%

New poisons :

The translation could be off... some of the effects I had a tough time deciphering. Will fix it up later.

A paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, decreases attack speed by -10%, evasion -10%, and movement speed by 1/2.
Weight: 2

A poison that causes a high fever.
For 300 seconds, causes incurable blindness and causes the player to
see illusions. Sometimes causes 100 damage which can interupt casting
of skills.
Weight: 2

A poison that slows healing.
For 300 seconds, drops the effectiveness of recovery on the target by 20%.
This effect stacks with critical wounds.
Weight: 2

Leech End
A poison created with leeches.
For 300 seconds, drains HP every second
Damage done by Leech End : (Maxhp/100)-(Armordef+Statusdef)
Weight: 2

Venom Bleed
A poison that lowers the strength of a person.
For 15 seconds, reduces MaxHP by 15%.
Weight: 2

Magic Mushroom
A poison made with the dillusional effects of magic mushrooms.
For 300 seconds, every 4 seconds you lose 3% of your HP and involuntarially cast a random skill.
Weight: 2

A nerve paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, every 3 seconds it causes the damage motion on your
character, interrupting any skills. Skills not interrupted do not
receive the effects of your weapon or cards.
Weight: 2

Oblivion Curse
A poison that causes loss of memory.
For 300 seconds causes the target to suffer from amnesia. While in
amnesia it blocks natural SP recovery, and cannot be canceled via lex
divinia or green potion. While in this status you cannot use any skills.
Weight: 2

Skills that are autocasted by Magic Mushroom:
Resistant souls, Power maximize, Improve conc, Backslide,Tatami flip,
Cicada skin shedding, Sight, Endure, Hammerfall, Frost Joke or Dazzler,
Flip Coin, Pick stone, Backslide, Angelus, Auto counter, Ruwach, Energy
coat, Magnificat, Signum Crucis, Magnum break, First Aid, Summon spirit
sphere ,Auto guard

Baseaspds for GX:
Tested with lvl 125 GX, not sure if level affects aspd.
Barehand : 159
Katar : 157
1 Dagger : 157
2 Dagger : 147
1 Sword : 134
2 Swords : 118

Shield : -15 aspd

Changes for EDP:

Enchant Deadly Poison does not quadruple the damage of skills anymore.
Instead it adds +400% damage at the end of the damage calculation.


EDP+Sonic blow:
Before renewal : 800%*400% = 3200% damage
Renewal : 800%+400% = 1200% damage

EDP+Sonic blow+Link
Before renewal: 800%*400%*2 = 6400% damage
Renewal : Either 800%*2+400% = 2000% damage or (800%+400%)*2 = 2400% damage (please pm me correct one)

Before renewal : 200%*400% = 800% damage
Renewal : 200%+400% = 600% damage

Meleeattacks remain unchanged (qudrupling the damage for 400% damage)

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PostSubject: Re: Guillotine Cross Guide   Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:55 pm

wow asteeg si mommy ayah..alam nya din ung abymal sa emp..ung iba kxe sinabihan q nyan akala niloloko q daw sila or baliw daw me...ehh 1.4 sec emp breaker aq nung 64k hp pa emperuim..in asRO..

basic po 35 and up na hard def... = more damaged... sa kahit anung monster or player..

orc skel crd..hmm wlang bilang sa pag break ng emp..konte lng dagdag.

d best tlga ay 190 attack speed...with thana or ice pick+curse water
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Ayah Diamon

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PostSubject: Re: Guillotine Cross Guide   Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:15 am

Well yeah, others won't believe it agad :3 I didn't the first time XD
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Forum Member
Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Guillotine Cross Guide   Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:49 pm

dats true.. 100% gumagana abys s emp.. kc pg lumalabas ung name ng nag break.. it means MVP xa.. for my own opinion

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PostSubject: Re: Guillotine Cross Guide   Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:56 pm

Excuse me.
Alam nio pu ba ung Intense ragnarok? gumagana rin pu ba ito dun?
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PostSubject: Re: Guillotine Cross Guide   

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Guillotine Cross Guide
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