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 Warlock Guide

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Ayah Diamon

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PostSubject: Warlock Guide   Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:51 pm

Okay, nandito nanaman ako para i-share yung mga nabasa ko from the internet o.o

Note : Don't depend too much on the guide, you can always experiment on
your own. And maybe you can create one of the best builds ever :3]

What is a Warlock?

Warlock skills listed below focus more on the Wind element. What’s even
better is their magic attack can be amplified up to 1650%. Whoa! Now
that’s what you call magic.
The Warlocks live up to its name. Warlocks may now be able to use orbs. They now have a lot of repel skills.
Leveling alone may finally be possible for this Ragnarok third job.
Wizards have low hp and defense that makes it impossible to not party
with a support priest. Both Wizards and High Wizards can change into
Ragnarok third job Warlock. But changing from a HighWizard gives you an advantage over the ones who change from Wizards.


+7-+9 Dex Valk[1] (Kiel Card)
Purple Shades[1] (Maya Purple Card)
+7-+9 Diablo Robe[1] (GR / ED / Unfrozen)
+10 Staff of Destruction[1] (Cecil Damon Card) - When you're on a precast
+9 Lich's Bonewand [2] (2x Cecial Damon Card) - All other times
+7-+9 Valk Shield / Gilded Buckler[1] (Thafrog Cards)
+7-+9 Valkyrie Manteau[1] (Noxious Card)
+7-+9 Diablo Boots[1] (Freezer Card)
2x Magician Figures[1] (Smokie Card / Yoyo Card or Zerom Card)

+10 Dex food, Box of Gloom should give you insta cast with blessing.

- SG people for your team, JT with deadly damage, high in damage.
You can stone curse your enemies to stop them and you can negate strong
attacks like Asura Strike with safety wall. Your team will really
appreciate you for massive kills.

Woe caster
- You need to live
long to destroy plants as well as disabling enemy defenses if you're on
the attack side. If you're on the defensive side, precast to remvoe a
large group of people from attacking your guild's emp.

Hunter -
This class has the most massive AoE spells, meaning you can kill more,
meaning you will get more when you hunt. This makes hunting MUCH easier
and it'll reduce time. Forget about buying all your supplies, hunt it
all away!

Status Effect - Magic crasher afflicts damage
depending on your weapon and it can also inflict status effects in
order to make your enemy more vulnerable, doing so will put them at an
easier level to kill.

Basic stats -

Str: 10~30, Get some to keep your pvp supplies and maintaining weight so you don't die by being overweight
Agi: Get a decent amount for JT spamming or other skills, it'll be helpful
Vit: Well you want hp of course so get about 70~100 for defense, hp, in order to live
Int: Get a bonus, DO NOT GET STRAIGHT 150, you'll need it for higher dmg
Dex: Get as much as you can along w/ instant cast items (Fairy Wings, Box of Gloom, Dex food, Bless, etc.)
Luk: Always keep at 0, not very needed unless you want to whack with a dagger of counter for fun

Woe Caster:

Str: Get about 40 ish in order to carry all your woe supplies to live longer
Agi: Get a decent amount in order to lock enemies from coming closer to you w/ JT
Vit: 80~105, at least 25k hp is what I say in order to live
Int: A bonus that is high, dont make it 150, needed to maintain strong precast
Dex: Enough for instant cast
Luk: 0


Str: 60 ish to carry everything you hunt
Agi: If you find the AoE's doing little damage, you'll want to single target the monsters. Get agi to hit faster
Vit: 50~80, you won't die easily from monsters and you have @go (town)
Int: Get the NEAREST bonus from max int, in order to kill faster
Dex: Straight 150 dex for cast time/less time going to town for dex buffs
Luk: 0

Status Effects:

Str: Optional if wanted to kill the enemy by this
Agi: High to spam faster
Vit: High 110's~120's to live
Int: Nearest bonus after 100 for dmg
Dex: 100~120, you want to hit the enemy
Luk: 0

The most basic equips you can want are getting instant cast and yet, dealing decent damage. (No mvp cards,sub mvps in here)
Upper headgear - Dex Valk is a must, Gibbet Card (Mdef is win.)
Midgear - Any midgear s. w/ +1 all stats, Gibbet Card
Lower - Bee Wings - Gibbet Card/Elemental Wings/Angel Wings/Fairy Wings/Frozen Wings (To survive/do more dmg)
Armor - Silk Robe w/ a marc (Mdef, never get frozen against other magic classes)
Weapon - Combat knife or 4x drops Rod 4s. (Living/Instant cast)
Shield - Valk Shield w/ Thara frog (Demi Reduct)
Garment - Wool Scarf (2), one w/ Noxious, another with any elemental resist you wish (Reducts)
Shoes - Tidal Shoes w/ Green Ferus (Hp)
Accessories - Get 2 Orlean Gloves w/ Zerom Cards (Instant cast)
- Red gemstones to stone curse, Blue gemstones for safety wall, Yellow
Gemstone w/ Blue Gemstone for Ganbantein, Box of Glooms, Level 3 Dex
food, Berserk Potion

For other builds, consider using less items
in the "item" and "etc" box in order to maintain weight, have a status
dagger (I.E. Marina cards, poison knife), and healing items. These
equips are based what I'd use.

What to do against your enemy
They don't have the highest of mdef since they have high hp, simply
spam JT or stone curse them and do whatever skills you choose to simply
kill them.
Main tactics: Charge attack, Bowling Bash, Berserk, Spear Boomerang

They want to use sacrifice on you. Stand your ground, safety wall,
and push them back with SG/JT/lock em w/ Stone Curse
Main tactics: Pressure, Sacrifice

Try not to let them get too far or else the range will kill you, if
so, use anodynes for endure. They also have low mdef, so JT's or a few
AoE's can kill em.
Main tactics: Long range, Double Strafe

Ouchie Arrow Vulcan/Tarot - Get range resist and make sure they're
out of your reach. AV has a lower range than sniper range. Knockback
with SG/JT. Lower their stats w/ Quagmire.
Main tactics: Arrow Vulcan, Tarot Card of Fate

Priests - They can heal if you don't kill them fast enough. Use stone curse and then strike away.
Main tactics: Heal, Assumptio, Decrease Agility

Quagmire to lower stats, SW in case of asura, if they body relocate,
use SG incase they run into it or Meteor Storm to stun them, then go in
for the kill.
Main tactics: Asura, TSS

SinX - They don't have a
lot of mdef, but if they do, just keep them as far away as possible.
Use heavens drive to detect them and then SW incase they pull out
something sneaky. Then go in for the kill.
Main tactics: Enchant Deadly Poison, Soul Breaker, Venom Dust

Again, use heavens drive to detect them. If they're a sacrifice
stalker, use SW. Quagmire them so they don't use other skills. Don't
let them strip you, so knock them back and kill them.
Main tactics: Using plagiarized skill, full strip

They don't have long range, but they do have tomahawk. Don't get your
stuff broken, but bring extra armors/weapons in case. If they're coma,
swap on a bathory and SW yourself. Just don't let them get near.
Main tactics: Coma, Cart Termination

They can hide in their plants or use marine spheres on you. Don't get
a lot of vit and get high range resist to counter Acid Demonstration.
Freeze their plants w/ SG and SW in case they use summon marine sphere.
If they use demonstration/acid terror, get mad and kill them
ferociously w/ Stone curse to stop them from healing and then whatever
Main tactics: Bio Cannibalize, Acid Demonstration, Acid Terror, Homunculus, Marine Spheres

High Wizards - Quagmire to lower their cast and then just spam a skill before they can cast.
Main tactics: Quagmire, Storm Gust, Jupitel Thunder

If they use magic rod and LP, stone curse them, then knock them back,
then use an AoE, then go straight for the kill.
Main tactics: Magic Rod, Land Protector, Fire Bolt, Soul Burn

Star Gladiators - They'll keep jumping to you so use SG to knock them away then JT!
Main tactics: Stealing your sp

Soul Linkers - They'll spam kaite so stone curse them, then use heavens drive level 1 to take it away, then spam JT.
Main tactics: Kaite, Kaizel, Estun, Esma

Ninja - They'll hide so spam HD and then whatever skill you choose.
Main tactics: Hide, Magic skill of choice, Final Strike

Gunslingers - Don't let them get too far, use quagmire, then go in for the kill.
Main tactics: Hide, tracking, long range attack




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Warlock Guide
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